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Heilo Jewelry

Piper Blue Topaz Pendant (14k Gold Plated)

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Blue topaz, with its serene and vibrant color, is often associated with calming and communicative energies. Aligned with the throat chakra, it is believed to facilitate clear self-expression, enhance communication skills, and promote honest and effective dialogue. Blue topaz is also thought to inspire creativity and boost mental clarity, making it a favored choice for those seeking to tap into their artistic and intellectual potential.


  • Blue Topaz
    • Emerald cut
  • Cubic zirconia accents
  • 14k gold plated
    • Brass base

Jewelry Made With Love.

The best kind of jewelry is the kind that is made with a little bit of magic. Each of our pieces is one of a kind, designed to help you tap in to your power to manifest and create.

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