Gem Guide

Agate: Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing, as it transforms negativity and stabilizes the aura. This is a calming crystal, helping you to overcome anger and tension.

Amazonite: Balancing both masculine and feminine energies, this gorgeous crystal both calms and soothes the soul. Amazonite encourages you to search the self and find your truth, moving beyond the fear of judgement.

Amethyst: One of the world's most revered stone, amethyst is an incredibly protective crystal. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting negative energy into a shield of protection and love. This beautiful purple crystal encourages calm and stimulates the mind, opening your mind and bringing spiritual awareness. 

Ametrine: A powerful combination of amethyst and citrine, this crystal brings the best of both. This is a very soothing crystal, bringing peace and guidance while also helping to enhance creativity. This is a protection stone, removing negative energy from the auric field and filling the body and soul with light.

Aquamarine: The queen of the sea, aquamarine evokes all things connected to the sea. Calming, soothing, and relaxing, aquamarine is also a powerful throat chakra opener, encouraging you to find power and truth in your words. This crystal inspires good luck, courage, and letting go.

Astrophyllite: Astrophyllite helps you to connect with realms beyond our understanding. By realigning your entire chakra column, the crystal creates inner balance, deeper focus, and profound clarity. Named for the stars above, astrophyllite helps you take your spiritual journey to new heights, opening your mind to all the wonders of the universe.

Azurite: A powerful third eye opener, azurite calls you to trust your intuition and opens you up to new spiritual experiences. This is an excellent stone for stimulating psychic development, as it can enhance dreams and visions. Azurite relieves stress and confusion, clearing away indecision and worry, allowing your troubles to fade away.  

Black Tourmaline: Calming and grounding, black tourmaline is  protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. This crystal provides a shield against negative energies, dispelling and deflecting. This is a highly purifying crystal, neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy.

Blue Apatite: Apatite is a crystal of personal power, helping you to achieve your goals. This crystal clears confusion and apathy, encouraging you to take action while expanding knowledge and truth. It is a stone of manifestation, helping you to achieve personal growth and goals.

Blue Chalcedony: Subtle and demure, blue chalcedony brings with it an ocean of peace and quiet. This ethereal crystal is known as the speaker's stone, the stone of one who must measure their words; it encourages reflection, meditation, and thinking before speaking and acting. Blue chalcedony is a very calming crystal, speaking of spirit and trust.

Blue Lace Agate: A throat chakra opener, blue lace agate is a stone of communication. This is a stone of encouragement and support, providing clarity of thought and unwavering intent towards the things that matter most to us. This is an excellent crystal for those who feel they have difficulty being heard by others, or those who need confidence and articulation to share their truths.

Blue Opal: A stone of communication and creativity, blue opal encourages you to pursue all that sparks joy in your life. This crystal enables you to speak your mind without fear, releasing tension and bringing peacefulness. 

Blue Spot Jasper: Encouraging you to live in the moment, this loving crystal promotes courage, builds inner strength, and brings an air of calmness. Blue spot jasper is the perfect anti-stress gemstones, as it has powerful grounding energy and radiates calming energy. This crystal encourages you to speak your mind and stand your ground against pressure. 

Bumblebee Jasper: Known to boost creativity and ease stress, bumblebee jasper is a stone of clear focus. By activating your sacral and solar plexus chakras, this loving crystal will help you manifest the impossible and accept change. This stone encourages honesty with both yourself and others, helping to raise confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Carnelian: Colored like a raging fire, carnelian strokes the fire that lives within you. A wonderful stone for opening the sacral and root chakras, this crystal encourages you to take bold action, whether that is through creative channels or physical ones. Carnelian will guide you in facing your fears, and help turn your dreams into realities.

Charoite: A stone of transformations, charoite opens our hearts and minds to courage and endurance in the face of adversity. This stunning crystal is a symbol of strength, reenergizing the body and soul. Charoite cleanses the aura and opens the chakras, helping to turn negative energy into healing.

Chrome Diopside: Boosting the creative vision and awareness, chrome diopside is a crystal of passion. This stone enhances your desires, helping you to achieve them and harmonize your energies. By drawing in good luck and clearing your mind, chrome diopside allows you to achieve your dreams. 

Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment, devoted to expression and communication. Connected to the divine feminine and the Goddess within, this crystal teaches that power comes through gentleness, providing an air of calm and peace. Chrysocolla encourages forgiveness, peace, and the strengthening of emotional bonds.

Chrysoprase: Helping to manifest optimism and joy, chrysoprase encourages a more positive outlook on life. This gorgeous crystal reminds you to look on the bright side of things, promising that the clouds will soon clear. Chrysoprase helps to keep you cool under pressure, and helps us stand strong in the face of adversity. 

Citrine: The ultimate stone of abundance, citrine is here to draw wonderful things into your life. This is a premium stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will, and is known to boost optimism and bring motivation. 

Copper: A great conductor of electricity, copper can magnify energy being transferred from one being to another. Copper is an excellent crystal for confidence, helping to combat lethargy and stimulate optimism. this crystal helps to open the root and sacral chakras, creating a path for creativity, vitality, and desire.

Crazy Lace Agate: The stone of laughter, crazy lace agate brings happiness and joy, promoting positive thinking and uplifting the self-esteem. This stone also helps to bring good luck and draw in opportunity, helping you combat obstacles placed in your path.

Druzy: Druzy crystals help to purify and amplify, strengthening the spirit. 

Emerald: The stone of successful love, emerald is one of the most powerful heart chakra openers. This soothing crystal brings freshness and vitality to the spirit, providing inspiration, patience, and compassion. Emerald brings confidence and passion, encouraging romance. 

Flower Agate: Crystal of personal growth, flower agate is filled with the energy of the Divine Feminine. This crystal helps you to manifest your potential, and helps lay the foundation for meaningful growth. Opening the root and heart chakras, flower agate helps you to fight your fears and opens you to inspiration and inner peace.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a healer in many ways. This gorgeous green and purple crystal is a powerful cleanser, helping to heal physical ailments. As a heart chakra opener, it is also good for healing ailments of the heart. Fluorite clears the energy around you, helping to balance and ground, as well as inspire new ideas and ways to move forward.

Garden Quartz (Lodolite): By embodying your hopes and dreams, loving garden quartz strives to make them come true. This is a wonderful crystal for mediation, as its calming energies help you to connect with higher energies, calling you to manifest and create. 

Garnet: Uniting your root and heart chakras, garnet is a stone of passion and grounding. This crystal brings a revitalized energy to your day to day activities, stimulating self-confidence and drive. Garnet is a stone of strength, representing your inner fire.

Ghost Agate: A stone of balance and release, ghost agate harmonizes the wearers masculine and feminine energies, bringing the body into balance. This crystal will help improve concentration by releasing traumas and providing the courage to trust. This stone is a gentle creature, helping to alleviate all your fears.

Golden Healer: Also known as golden hematiod, golden healer lives up to its name. It is a powerful healing crystal, clearing blockages and imbalances and cleansing your auric field. By inciting healing on all levels, golden healer helps to release you from old patterns and conditions, encouraging you to restore peace and harmony to the body.

Golden Obsidian: By balancing energy fields, golden sheen obsidian helps us to release our ego and fall into self-reflective meditation. This crystal is seen as an excellent crystal for scrying, revealing not just the future, but the heart of the problem in the present. Golden obsidian reflects that which needs healing in our lives, and helps us to discover the path forward. 

Grape Agate: A form of chalcedony, grape agate is a crystal of dreams, intuition, and luxury. This sweet crystal promotes inner stability and composure, providing a calming affect to the mind and body. It assists with cleansing perceptions, identifying what is important, and allows you to sit in peaceful meditation, opening the heart.

Gray Moonstone: Known as the "New Moon Stone", gray moonstone is a crystal for perceiving beyond the veil. This crystal taps into the gentle energies of love and peace, helping you to get in touch with your emotions and those of others. Grey moonstone helps to calm fears and brings up old emotions, helping you to process these feelings and to move on. 

Green Aventurine: Green aventurine is a heart chakra powerhouse, a heart healer and a comforter. This stone of opportunity works to help you bloom, drawing in new experiences and good luck.

Green Tourmaline: Enhancing courage and strength, green tourmaline taps into masculine energy, the opposite of the feminine pink tourmaline. This crystal attracts, luck, success, and abundance, helping to manifest ones desires, while also helping to heal the body of physical ailments. 

Howlite: Known as an "attunement stone", howlite links the user to spiritual consciousness, opening the mind to higher energies. By facilitating awareness and encouraging emotional expression, this is a wonderful crystal for reducing anxiety and stress. Howlite calms and soothes the emotions, and encourages deep, peaceful sleep.

Imperial Topaz: A powerful manifestation stone, imperial topaz awakens the solar plexus chakra, driving the power behind all that we do. This gorgeous crystal helps you come into a higher, more powerful version of yourself, helping you to get things done. Imperial topaz helps channel our focus, determination, and confidence. 

Iolite: Speckled with stars, iolite serves as a guide, encouraging dreams and exploration. Known as the Vikings Compass, this gorgeous, deep blue stone provides us with the guidance to move from one journey to next, whatever that journey may be. Iolite strengthens the resolve, helping us to carry through hard times.

Kunzite: Pure in energy and joyful in nature, kunzite is the Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. This loving purple crystal encourages you to open your heart, to be receptive to the unconditional love that surrounds you. 

Kyanite: A powerful meditation stone, kyanite aligns all the body's chakras and imbalances. This crystal cannot hold negative energies, making it the perfect stone to dispel blockages as it moves energy throughout the body. In addition to its healing properties, kyanite brings with it a sense of calm, driving away anger, frustration, and stress.

Labradorite: Known as the stone of transformation, labradorite creates new beginnings. It is your most steadfast partner through times of change, encouraging strength, balance, and perseverance. This is also a wonderful crystal for raising your intuition, revealing truth behind illusions and the true intentions of those around you.

Lapis Lazuli: A universal symbol of wisdom and truth, lapis lazuli is a powerful third eye chakra opener. This crystal encourages you to see things beyond the surface and to trust your intuition. By awakening your true destiny and divine purpose, this crystal helps you unlock your deeper self.

Larimar: Stone of the Goddess, sweet larimar opens you up to the divine feminine within yourself. A balancer and a cleanser, she encourages you to know your power and to speak your mind, enhancing communication and intuition. Every individual is a divine, powerful being, and larimar washes away all the doubts we may have about our power. Larimar is only found in one place on earth: the Dominican Republic. It's rarity makes it all the more powerful and special.

Larvikite: Protective and grounding, larvikite helps us to maintain a strong connection with the earth and spirit of nature. This crystal encourages us to see ourselves through the eyes of the divine, stimulating our intellect and creativity, promoting the exchange of wisdom. 

Lemon Quartz: A stone for good luck, lemon quartz brings abundance and opportunity, drawing in optimism, creativity, and well-being. This crystal encourages you to focus on your personal goals, giving the mind clarity and motivation. Lemon quartz can also aid in communication to help find balance and satisfaction.

Lepidolite: A crystal of balance and harmony, lepidolite is an anchor in the storm. This gorgeous purple crystal eases feelings of anxiety, and tempers anger and resentment, opening you to new patterns of positivity. Lepidolite is an excellent crystal for those dealing with anxiety and insomnia, as its calming nature helps quiet the mind. 

Llanite: A blend of high vibrational minerals including feldspar, calcite, and quartz, this crystal soothes, energizes, rebalances, and restores. Llanite draws in dynamic energies from higher planes of existence, optimizing health and helping to maximize well-being. This crystal helps to energize the body and mind.

Maligano Jasper: By transforming the spirit within, maligano jasper is a stone of rebirth and new beginnings. This crystals helps you to release the things that no longer serve you, pushing you to shed your layers and seek your truth. Maligano jasper helps you to see the true intentions of those around you and leads you to powerful realizations.

Midnight Quartz: Clearing and cleansing all the chakras, midnight quartz is an excellent crystal for creating boundaries, encouraging independence and giving you the power to say "no".  This stone draws in abundance, revealing hidden talents and unexpected prosperity.

Morganite: Bringing inner peace, morganite is a stone of strength and joy, encouraging self-confidence and personal power. This beautiful crystal helps you to connect to the Divine Love that surrounds you, helping you to connect emotionally with others and yourself. Morganite enables communication and helps you to understand others.

Mookaite: Calming and gentle, mookaite eases all your fears. When facing uncertain times, this loving crystal is your best friend, reminding you that you are stronger than you think, and reminding you that there is nothing you can't do. A stone of here and now, mookaite encourages you to live in the present, without fear or resentment for the future and past.

Moonstone: A stone for visionaries, moonstone lights up the night with inspiration, allowing us to see clearly through the dark. This stone shines its light on your mental and spiritual life, allowing you to get in touch with your emotions and raise them to a higher vibration. Many find this stone to be comforting, as it allows them to connect with maternal and divine feminine energy.

Moss Agate: Encouraging energies of persistence and endurance, moss agate helps you to get things done, and to get them done your way. The crystal promotes self-expression and creativity, while also relieving fear and stress. This crystal can boost optimism, creativity, self-esteem, and self-confidence, helping to release you from old habits while drawing in abundance. 

Mother of Pearl: A stone of gentle protection, mother of pearl is relaxing, soothing, and calming to the emotions. This loving crystal helps to balance the emotions, stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. 

Ocean Jasper: Known as the stone of joy, this loving crystal will give your mood a boost. By allowing you to release negative energy and communicate feelings of love, ocean jasper encourages greater self confidence, self esteem and self worth.

Onyx: Strong, silent, and still, let gorgeous onyx help you face your fears. This crystal is somber, yet powerful, calling us to be grounded in our bodies and to wear our strength proudly.

Opal: Known as the ‘Eye Stone’, opals are dedicated to pleasing the sight, inspiring images of innocence and purity. This bewitching gem is a prism of auric light, soothing and clearing the body and the soul. This encourages inspiration, luck and happiness for the wearer. 

Orange Aventurine: A stone of good luck and good fortune, orange aventurine helps you manifest exciting new opportunities. By quieting your inner critic, this crystal motivates you to seize the day and take action. This is a wonderful crystal for dealing with issues of self-worth, as it clears blockages in the sacral and third eye chakras, allowing you to channel positive energy and personal will.

Peach Moonstone: Like other varieties of moonstone, peach moonstone is filled with divine feminine energy. This crystal encourages you to be creative and helps to reignite your passions. Peach moonstone helps you to find peace within yourself and to create positive self-love habits.

Pearl: Symbolic of wisdom gained through experience, pearls bring protection, good luck, and wealth. These gorgeous crystals encourage serenity and are able to strengthen valuable relationships and convey a sense of safety. Pearls symbolize purity, integrity, and loyalty.

Peridot: Cheerful and uplifting, peridot shines like a beam of light, a stone of happiness and good feelings. Peridot encourages you to fall in love with reckless abandon, basking in the endless love of the universe. It is also a stone of abundance, prosperity, and freedom of the spirit. 

Phosphosiderite: A gentle crystal that wraps you in its warmth, phosphosiderite has a powerful peaceful energy. Opening the crown chakra, this crystal can help to alleviate anxiety, and raise the vibration to help us find happiness and peace. 

Picture Jasper: Grounding and harmonizing, picture jasper connects you with the earth. This crystal encourages a sense of creativity in business pursuits, and strong feelings of caring for the world around you. The intense rounding energy of this stone can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.

Pink Opal: Pushing us to look within, this loving crystal helps to strengthen our connection to our inner self. Pink opal is the perfect crystal for someone working to heal a broken heart, whether that is due to the loss of a loved one or a breakup. This crystal teaches us that we are strong as individuals, and that we can stand on our own.

Pink Tourmaline: A heart chakra opener, pink tourmaline is a crystal of love, compassion, and emotional healing. This stone is an emotional supporter, helping you through times of hardship and depression. Pink tourmaline is a heart healer, working to heal heartbreak and emotional hurts. 

Pistachio Calcite: A beautiful blue-green variety of green calcite found in Pakistan, pistachio calcite opens both the heart and throat chakras. This crystal helps you to shift negative self-talk into positive beliefs, opening the heart and healing old wounds. This emotional cleanser encourages peaceful communication and patience through transition.

Polychrome Jasper: Bringing good fortune and positivity, polychrome jasper gives you a happy outlook on life. This crystal encourages you to be true to yourself, while also bringing relaxation and tranquility. Polychrome jasper is a crystal of comfort, love, and healing.

Rainbow Obsidian: Stone for the gentle, rainbow obsidian brings light and love into your life, helping you to recognize your true spiritual nature. This loving crystal helps to dissolve negativity from you personal dialogue, while helping you to identify your flaws and turn them into you strengths. This is a wonderful crystal for the sensitive and soft-hearted, helping one to bring clarity and strength.

Red Jasper: A stone of strength and empowerment, red jasper is an anchor in the storm of life. This deeply grounding crystal encourages both stability and energy, helping you to find positivity and creativity in all areas of life. 

Regalite: Regalite is a protective stone and may be used for finding inner peace, clarity, love, and for emotional healing. It may give one strength and stability during times of stress and trauma, and is a good stone for times of renewal.

Rhodochrosite: A powerful heart chakra crystal, rhodochrosite reminds you to put yourself and your healing first. This is a wonderful crystal for releasing traumas of the past and looking towards the future, provided that you do the necessary work in the present. Rhodochrosite will show you new beginnings, as opportunities are right over the horizon.

Rhodonite: Crystal of compassion and love, rhodonite connects the heart chakra to the root chakra, providing deep healing of the heart. By opening the heart and helping to heal old wounds, rhodonite makes room for forgiveness, compassion, and healthy love. This crystal encourages you to leave any toxic relationships in the past, and move forward into authentic love.

Rose Quartz: The stone of universal love, rose quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, opening the heart to all levels of love. Rose quartz encourages unconditional love, self-love, friendship, and deep, inner healing of the heart and feelings of peace. This crystal dispels negativity, encouraging self-forgiveness and acceptance.

Ruby: The stone of nobility, ruby is considered one of the most magnificent of all gems. This is a crystal of passion and prosperity, bringing you self-confidence and the determination to achieve. Also associated with love, this stunning crystal encourages commitment and closeness. 

Ruby in Zoisite: A powerful heart chakra opener, ruby in zoisite encourages happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. This crystal helps you to open up to divine love, both within and without, while also offering a deep healing of your defenses. Ruby in zoisite encourages the awakening of the true self, and influences you to let your light shine. 

Scolecite: A crystal of inner peace, scolecite brings relaxation and auric cleansing, unlocking the heart and pushing away any pain you might feel. This is a wonderful crystal for meditation and cleansing, as it encourages a "spring cleaning" of the soul. Scolecite strengthens your connections to higher energies and intuitions, bringing a strength and vividness to our dreams and our understanding of them.

Selenite: Angelic and protective, selenite shields you from harm. Calming and soothing, this crystal can hold no negative energy, making it an excellent stones for releasing things from your life. Selenite creates a calm, protected atmosphere, providing clarity and clearing confusion.

Sodalite: A crystal deeply connected to the heart, sodalite encourages logic, truth and inner peace. This crystal brings a calm and inner peace, as well as improving communication. Sodalite soothes disagreements and arguments, enhancing positivity and bringing about a "glass half full" perspective to any situation.

Strawberry Quartz: Carrying all the energies of clear quartz, strawberry quartz helps us to tap into the universal vibration of love. This crystal is calming, soothing, helping you to see reason in the world and giving you courage to seize the day. Strawberry quartz amplifies your intentions for love, appreciation, and generosity, radiating these energies into the world.

Sunstone: Possessing a bright and cheerful energy, sunstone is a clearing, lucky stone. It facilitates self-empowerment and courage, as well as alleviating stress. Sunstone is the ultimate representation of light, warmth, and life, embodying generosity and creativity. 

Tanzanite: Tanzanite is a stone of transformation, offering protection and and guidance for those exploring their psychic abilities. This is an excellent third eye chakra opener, helping you to trust your intuition and to connect with others empathetically. This crystal brings a calming energy, soothing the soul.

Thulite: A stone of expression and passion, thulite brings an air of positivity to the wearer. This crystal helps you to find the confidence to speak your mind, helping you to be more open with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Thulite gives you the strength to move on from the past, and to heal from past hurts. 

Tiffany Stone: A powerful stone of transformation, tiffany stone helps to clear blockages from the body and unlock psychic abilities. This crystal inspires you to simplify the things in your life, helping you to declutter your physical space and to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. Tiffany stone encourages clear thought, allowing you to channel information from higher sources and to clarify their meaning.

Tiger's Eye: A powerful crystal of good luck, tiger's eye helps to focus the mind and promote mental clarity. This crystal brings balance and energy to the physical and spiritual body; this, in turn, helps us to find our purpose and gives us the confidence and courage to find release. 

Unakite: A gentle heart opener, unakite is a crystal dedicated to balancing the emotional body. This soft, mossy green crystal brings a tender, caring energy, resonating with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness. This crystal encourages you to tap into the abundant love that surrounds you. 

Yellow Calcite: Just like its color, this is a crystal of sunny, bright energy. Yellow Calcite helps you to clear out old energies and negative thoughts, paving the way for a brighter future. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, this crystal boosts self-confidence and hope, helping you to clear self-doubt and encouraging you to work towards a brighter new day.

Zebra Jasper: With an energy of balance, zebra jasper unites the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. This loving crystal encourage optimism and initiative, giving you the energy you need to tackle your to-do list. Zebra jasper dares you to dream, and helps you bring those dreams to fruition.