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Good Witch Originals

Ghost Agate x Peridot x Kyanite Sun Pendant

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A stone of balance and release, ghost agate harmonizes the wearers masculine and feminine energies, bringing the body into balance. This crystal will help improve concentration by releasing traumas and providing the courage to trust. This stone is a gentle creature, helping to alleviate all your fears.

Cheerful and uplifting, peridot shines like a beam of light, a stone of happiness and good feelings. Peridot encourages you to fall in love with reckless abandon, basking in the endless love of the universe. It is also a stone of abundance, prosperity, and freedom of the spirit. 

A powerful meditation stone, kyanite aligns all the body's chakras and inbalances. This crystal cannot hold negative energies, making it the perfect stone to dispel blockages as it moves energy throughout the body. In addition to its healing properties, kyanite brings with it a sense of calm, driving away anger, frustration, and stress.

Jewelry Made With Love.

The best kind of jewelry is the kind that is made with a little bit of magic. Each of our pieces is one of a kind, designed to help you tap in to your power to manifest and create.

Read more about our crystals in our Gem Guide HERE.

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